Why Buy From Us ?

For over 35 years, Jupiter Carpets  has been a factory direct supplier of wholesale carpets / Wooden Flooring  / Sports Flooring / PVC . Yes, since 1986 it has been our goal to provide a valuable service and quality products! This gives you 35 years of experience and knowledgeable service that can help you get the flooring best suited for your needs while saving you 30-70% off of retail prices. Going direct means you cut out the retail store pricing, which is big savings to you!

Choose Jupiter Carpets when you need value, We are happy to say that customers are pleasantly surprised with PHYSICAL SAMPLES at your doorstep .

Our philosophy has always been to have the best knowledge of products, help you choose the floor that best meets your budget and needs, and treat every customer with respect and honesty. Through all the years, we are honored to say that even though we have grown through eight warehouses and moves to expand, we continue to remain true to the simplicity of offering the best values, and pride ourselves in always using our professional experience, and expert training to assist our customers. We always have an installation tech on site, to help you with any questions/ queries and resolution.

Our products go through inspections to ensure the best quality to you! Our goal is to provide a valuable service, in a professional manner while offering quality discount products. We strive to maintain a positive working environment that reflects honesty, integrity, and fairness when dealing with our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and also our competitors. We actively continue to educate ourselves on current developments within the floor covering industry so we may better serve our customers. We constantly hold ourselves to the ideal of excellence in all that we do, and reflect that high standard in all that we encounter.

Save Money on Your Product, Buy Direct

Did you know that almost half of every dollar you spend on a retail carpet goes directly into the retailer's pocket? When you buy direct from Jupiter Carpets, you get wholesale discount pricing without the hidden retail markup

Make The Right Choice

Experienced and established discount Products wholesalers, like Jupiter Carpets, are more knowledgeable about Flooring  construction and performance because they are based in the Branded International manufacturer hub, therefore, they can help you make the best choice for your project from the beginning and avoid costly mistakes.

Don't Pay For Flooring Quality You Don't Need

No sense spending pay much more money. On the other hand, spending too little may result in uncleanable, flat, dead floored for many years to come. Keep in mind that most products  doesn't "wear out" as much as it "uglies out."

Beware of Marketing Ploys

If you are thinking about buying producrs to be floored the first bit of advice is to get to know the person you will be buying from. The cheapest dealer is not always the best. You want to find someone whom you can trust and who understands carpet. Buying carpet should be a pleasant experience. Buying from someone who tries to sell you carpet that is not well suited to your needs will make it a miserable experience. At Jupiter Carpets we know flooring its all we do and we've been doing it for over 35 years. Our job is selling flooring. Saving you money is our pleasure!